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KSHT Sri Anaghastami Vrata -Recurring puja

Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple, 12030 Independence Parkway Texas, Frisco, TX 75035

25 Jun, 2019
25 Jun, 2019

Anaghashtami Vrata or Anagha Vrata is an auspicious vrata dedicated to
Sri Dattatreya and Devi Lakshmi who have taken form as Sri Anagha Swami
& Devi Anagha. Anagha means pure or without sin. Destroy the
negativity within - accrued through word, thought or deed - by
performing this easy yet powerful vrata every month at the Karya Siddhi
Hanuman Temple.

Arrive 15 minutes early for seating, the vrata will start at 6:30pm. Bring fruits and flowers for your puja.

registration required for this monthly recurring puja which is
performed on the Ashtami (8th day) after the full moon every month. The
Pradhana (main) Anaghastami occurs in Margashira masa on Ashtami and is
celebrated separately as a special event.

On Tuesday 25th Jun 2019 at 6:15 PM

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