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Webinar Topics - Aspects of Abhinaya with Guest Teacher: Musician Pustakam Ramaa


25 Apr, 2020
25 Apr, 2020

Speaking Through Gestures: Upcoming webinar topics and guest teachers:

9am Sat 18th April 2020: Intro to Nritta and Nritya (abstract and expressive dance)

9am Sat April 25th: Aspects of Abhinaya with guest teacher: Musician Pustakam Ramaa

9am Sat May 2nd: Aspects of Tala -rythm with guest teacher: Percussionist K. R. Venkat Subramaniam

9am Sat May 9nd: Aspects of Tala -nattuvangam with guest teacher: Dancer-Nattuvanar from Kalakshetra MS Sukhi

9am Sat May 16th: Elements of Patra - Professional dancer, with guest teacher: Yoga for dancers- Suresh Srinivas

9am Sat May 23rd: Final session on Aharya Abhinaya (costuming and make up) by Krishna from Uma Tailors, Chennai.

Stay safe and help each other

On Saturday Apr 25 at 9:00 AM (PDT)

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