All FEAR is due to — focusing on FEAR.

Even if you have a tiger getting ready to seemingly pounce on you, you still have the choice to focus on fear or JOY. And somehow I suspect that if you managed to be able to focus on LOVE that the tiger simply wouldn’t be interested in attacking you. Many a yogi has walked through the jungles of India which are filled with tigers and yet never been attacked by them.

In my experience, there is no FEAR in HEAVEN.

If your focus is on or in HEAVEN then nothing can harm you.

If your focus is on something other than JOY, HAPPINESS and LOVE then you’ll experience pain and problems. And that emotional state of unease is what I call Hell.

And it’s a completely self-created Hell.

Right now in this very moment, you can make a decision to change. You can never again be bothered by any emotional distress at all if you”ll simply focus on JOY, LOVE and HAPPINESS regardless of outer circumstances.
Please let me know what you think of this simple way of handling all emotional problems.

Hope this brightens your day,

Roger Haeske.
The 44-Year Old Teenager

P.S. Please don’t overlook this idea because it’s so simple. This will revolutionize your life if you consciously apply it.

I can tell you I live in an almost constant paradise since I’ve been applying these ideas. You can do the same.

P.P.S. Depression is a horrible experience and I had it two times in my life. Personally, I was able to beat my depression in less than 24 hours of switching to a Raw Food Diet.

And I’ve met many other Raw Foodists who find it’s much easier to be happy even under conditions that used to be stressful and fear producing for them once they got their body aligned with nature by eating raw foods.

Here are some of my raw food diet resources that may just give you the tools you need to go raw and be MERRY.