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Assignment after each module, Video recording of every session Notes and study material for examples covered. Training Format: This course is delivered as a highly interactive session, with extensive live examples.

ELL presents Healthcare IT Training For all those desiring a carrier in Healthcare IT Industry, irrespective of what their back ground is. This training program is targeted for professionals aspiring to learn Healthcare IT Domain and is designed in a way to make sure that they get the adequate Industry knowledge. This course is also designed for professionals playing different IT roles and••  fascinated in expanding their carrier as an healthcare IT expert.

Objective :••  Intent of the program is to enable learners to develop an understanding of global health, in terms of the communication of Healthcare. Along with that to engage learners with healthcare-related policies and projects in a broad range of subdivisions at, legal, compliance and international level of changes/mandates.

Key Features

  • We have a deep understanding of the healthcare IT industry

  • We have flexible approaches to meet your current needs.

  • 30+ Hrs of High Quality e-Learning Content

  • Advance curriculum and in sync with latest Healthcare IT standards

  • Real Time Projects and Assignments

  • Role specific Training

  • Study material access like eBooks, video recording, PPTs, PDFs etc

  • Self-Paced e-Learning content.

  • Resume and Interview Tips

  • Real time projects / assignments

  • 100% money back

  • Have questions / clear your doubts with the Industry experts.


  • Non IT professionals aspiring to get into Healthcare IT Industry.

  • Self-taught IT Business Analysts and Quality Assurance wanting to fill in the gaps and put all the pieces together

  • IT Business Analysts and System Analysts

  • IT Quality Assurance (Testing).

  • Project Team Members.

  • Technical people who are interested in expanding their role into Healthcare IT.

  • Executives and Managers want to get into Healthcare Industry


1. Healthcare Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Healthcare IT

  • Branching Of Healthcare

  • Framework of Healthcare Branches

  • Healthcare Statistics

  • Major developments in Healthcare

2. Legal & Regulatory Affairs

  • Introduction to legal and regulatory considerations

  • Federal Laws and events that affect Healthcare

  • Retention of records

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act(HIPAA)

3. Healthcare Solutions

  • Electronic Medical Record

  • Electronic Health Record

  • Medicare Claims Processing

4. Office & Patient Management

  • Information Exchange

  • Medical Record

  • Managing New Patients

  • Managing Established Patients

  • Clean Claim

5. Electronic Data Interchange

  • History Of EDI

  • EDI X12 Transaction Sets

  • EDI HL7

6. CMS 1500

  • When To Use

  • How To Use

  • Sample CMS 1500 Form

  • Patient Information

7. Uniform billing

  • When To Use

  • How To Use

  • Sample UB 04 Form

  • Inpatient Information

  • Outpatient Information

8. Claims Management

  • Insurance claims life cycle

  • Processing Claims

  • Managing Claims files

  • Claims model(Institution ,Professional, Dental and Pharmacy)

  • Claims Adjudication

  • Claims Engine (FACETS )Data Model

9. Healthcare Insurance

  • History of Managed HealthCare

  • Managed Care Organizations & Models

  • Consumer Directed Health Plans

  • Accreditation of Managed Care Organizations

  • Effects of Managed Care of a Physician?s Practices

10 .Medicare

  • Overview

  • Medicare Plan

  • Medigap

  • Medicare as secondary

  • Medicare Reimbursement

  • In-network Physicians

  • Rules & Guidelines

  • Billing Medicare

11. Blue cross blue shield

  • Overview

  • History

  • BCBS Plans

  • ITS Claims Processing

12. Medicaid & Tricare

  • History

  • Eligibility Overview

  • Coverages

  • Claims Submission

13. Workers Compensation & Commercial

  • History of workers compensation

  • State workers compensation

  • Federal workers compensation

  • Process & Procedures

14. Coding overview

  • CPT Coding

  • Modifiers

  • Unlisted Codes

  • HCPC National Level II Codes

  • CPT Coding with Manual

15. Overview of ICD codes

  • ICD History

  • Why ICD codes?

  • ICD Codes - What does it tell us?

  • Use of ICD codes

  • Anatomy and Terminology for Coders

  • Advanced Anatomy and Terminology for Coders

  • Coding for the Non-Coder

16. ICD 9 Vs ICD 10 History

  • Why ICD-10 over ICD-9

  • ICD-9 Vs. ICD-10

  • ICD-10 CM Diagnosis Code - Overview

  • ICD-10 PCS Procedure Code - Overview

17. ICD-10 codes

  • Preparation Analyzer

  • Anatomy and Terminology Essentials from an ICD-10-CM Perspective

  • Anatomy and Terminology Essentials from an ICD-10-PCS Perspective

  • General Equivalence Mappings (GEMs)

  • ICD 10 Implementation phases

  • ICD-10 Release Timeliness

  • ICD-10 Impact to Payer

18. Charge & Payment Submission

  • Encounter Forms

  • Patient Flow

  • Fraud & Abuse

  • Audit Documentation

  • Payment Entry

  • Explanation Of Benefits

  • Payment reduction & Denials

  • Coordination Of Benefit

19. Resume & Interview

  • Cover Letter

  • Resume

  • Interview Questions

20. Case Study

  • Terminologies

  • Case Studies on real time events & projects

  • Glossary

Why Us

Job oriented program

The course is focused on fetching you a job. It is designed by expert and experienced professionals. It gives you enough theory and practical aspect that is required to get into job

No Pre-requisites

All those who are craving for a career in IT field can apply for this course irrespective of what the background is


With us you get an opportunity to work on real time experience along with the expert trainer that will boost your confidence. It is going to help you at the time of interview when you will be asked to give examples

Hands on Training on Multiple Industry Tools

We are equipped with latest tools that most of the companies use today

Resume Preparation

As slated above, the sole objective of this course is to get you a job. We work on your resume and curtail it according to specific resume so that you can land up with the right job

Mock-up Interviews

Mock interview sessions by creating interviewee-interviewer scenario will prepare you deal with the actual interview

Job Marketing

We have a strong and widespread network of recruiters spread across the country who help you fetch job once you are ready to make a stride towards getting the job.

Rejoin the Course

If at any given point of time you wish to rejoin the course, you are more than welcome. Whether you want to brush up your knowledge on a particular aspect of training or some of your concepts are not clear, you can join it again

On Job support

We provide technical assistance for six months. So, if you have any query even while working you can always get back to us

Role specific Training

We provide technical assistance for six months. So, if you have any query even while working you can always get back to us. By contrast, ELearningLine'sseries of role-based courses delivers in-depth training on a specific role within the business process

Real Time Project Experience and Case Studies

ELearningLinecontinues to offer new courses so you can keep up-to-date on latest technologies and best practices.

Role specific Training

ELearningLinecontinues to offer new courses so you can keep up-to-date on latest technologies and best practices.

After reviewing your goals, and assessing your current IT skills capability, we will mold an after-the-training program and placement plan that will meet your needs in successful placement. This includes Resume preparation assistance, Mock interviews (technical and project based), Soft Skills and On-the-job support.


Today’s business world is highly competitive. There are a lot of resource constraints in the business environment. This is why IT and health insurance businesses are constantly being challenged to meet the ever-growing demands. Due to these new changes, it is essential to recruit highly qualified and experienced IT experts who will add value to the company within a short period of time.

We have a Technology recruitment was created to fill all your IT positions with qualified professionals. This has to be done in the most effective way. We always match your requirements with highly qualified candidates. Our work is to optimize the relationship between the two parties. This is a sure way of achieving employee retention as well as cutting on talent acquisition costs.

We provide the following services in our IT recruitment department:

  • Determining position requirements

  • Candidates referrals

  • Interview preparation

  • Sourcing candidates

  • Interview coordination

  • Interview Follow-Up

  • Assess and Qualify Candidates


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