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In this fundamentals of business analysis training course you will gain the basic skills and knowledge of Business Analyst. This is a beginner course where the learners will work on the techniques that are used by BA. This course is taught by certified BA experts with hands-on real-time experience in teaching and job. At the end of this course, you will be able to demonstrate the basics of Business Analysis.

1. What is Business Analysis?

Business Analysis refers to the use of skills, technologies and practices for understanding business performance and to gain insights for better planning. The role of a Business Analyst is to analyze the business performance of the organization for which he or she works and suggest places of improvement.

The improvement can be brought about by replacing or renewing processes, introducing new technologies or innovating existing models. In their professional capacity, Business Analysts work in close conjunction with stakeholders including

2. What will you learn from this course?

The purpose of this Business Analysis Basics Course is to make students dive deeper into the first lessons in Business Analysis. It will expose them to basic practices in Business Analysis. How a BA starts with a project, what are the techniques used in Business Analysis, how tasks are coordinated with stakeholders and several other aspects of Business Analysis are explained in this Basics of Business Analysis course.

3. Course Outline

3.1. Beginners will understand the basics of Business Analysis
3.2. Walk through the tasks handled by a Business Analyst
3.3. Understanding the various techniques used in Business Analysis

4. Course Duration

1 day

5. Who are eligible to enroll business analysis fundamentals course?

5.1. Students or Passed out individuals who want exposure and background training in Business Analysis
5.2. Working Business Analysts who want a professional certificate

6. Course Schedule

6.1. Introduction to Business Analysis
6.2. Role of a Business Analyst
6.3. Requirement Definition & Types
6.4. Steps to writing a SMART Requirement
6.5. Business Analysis Book of Knowledge (BABOK ®) Overview
6.6. Popular Techniques used in Business Analysis

7. What to learn next?

After completion of this course, you need to take Advanced Business Analysis Course to excel in BA skills.


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