IIBA Certified Business Analysis Professional

This is a post beginner professional Certification program. It is aimed at consolidating the basics of Business Analysis and bringing up strong Business brains in the world with firm experience. A Certified Business Analysis Professional determines the exact requirement of an organization to provide best solution. Our Certified Business Analysis Professional course and training is designed to ensure that the participant will pass at the first attempt.


A 7500 Hours previous work experience in 10 years
35 Hours Professional Development in 4 years
2 References comprising a Career manager and a Client (or) CBA Professional.
A CBAP Agreement

IIBA CBAP Certification Target Audience

1. Professionals from Other vertical
2. Certification of Capability in Business Analysis

Certified Business Analysis Professional Course Syllabus

1. Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
2. Life Cycle Management
3. Strategy Analysis
4. Requirement Analysis
5. Solution

Exam Scenario

1. The duration of CBAP exam goes for 210 minutes
2. The exam comprises of 120 multiple choice questions.
3. All questions are case study based.

Benefits to Individual

1. Proficiency in principle and practice over Business Analysis
2. Commitment towards a Professional group
3. Professional Competence recognition
4. Advanced Career Professional
5. Personal Satisfaction for Individuals in certain
6. Reliable of Higher income

Benefits to Organization

1. Recognition to Staff
2. Establishes Customers, Suppliers, staff, Investors, etc.,
3. Higher quality in results
4. Commitment in the field of Business Analysis

Exam Fee

Particulars                   Member             Others
Application Fee           $ 125 USD           $ 125 USD
Exam Fee                    $ 325 USD           $ 450 USD
Retake Fee                 $ 250 USD           $ 375 USD


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