ITIL Expert Level Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers (2) (2)

The ITIL Expert level certification gives holistic knowledge of managing across the lifecycle. The ITIL expert level certification provides you with the requisite skills to support the organization’s service delivery by managing the entire service lifecycle stages. ITIL Expert level certification focusses on how the service lifecycles are integrated, and imparts a comprehensive integration of various interfaces, shared data and knowledge.

By achieving the ITIL Expert certificate, one can step ahead to meet the ITIL Master level, which is the highest and final certification within the ITIL scheme. This certificate will advance candidates career and progress in both personal and professional development within the IT service management field.

We have compiled some ITIL Expert exam questions and answers with a proper explanation for the right answer. These certificate prep questions and answers will be a quick capsule to gulp before appearing the exam.

In a forum discussion on, a community member named Miles Charman who lives in Malta Country answered on 6th June 2017 that there are about 6000 ITIL experts worldwide, after successful completion of the exam your name will be added in the 2018 list. Have a Good Luck!

Exam Details:

Exam Name: ITIL expert certification in IT service management

Exam Duration: 120 minutes

No. of Questions: 10 per paper

Passing score: 70%

Validated against: AXELOS

Format: Closed book, multiple choice questions

Exam price: 350 USD

1. What is objective for making ourselves different from other alternative competitors in the market?

  • By designing services.

  • By making good service strategy.

  • Proper management of demands.

  • Management of high capacity.

Brief: the objective of making different from others are always having a good strategy this also helps in spreading the market value of company or business.

2. What are the four value parameters for the service warranty?

  • Security, Availability, Capacity, and Continuity.

  • Maintainability, Capacity, Continuity, and ROI.

  • Improvement, VOI, ROI, and Improvements.

  • Security, Security, serviceability, and capacity.

Brief: by providing proper parameters of security, availability, capacity, and continuity a company can assure service warranty.

3. What service package is combined with?

  • Core Service Package, Supporting Service Package and Service Asset Package.

  • Service Asset and Service Value.

  • Core Service Package, Enabling Service Package, and Supporting Service package.

  • all the above options

Brief: a service package with so much with so much value will provide the core of warranty and also contain desired outcomes.

4. Which management consists of PBA and UP?

  • Financial Management.

  • Management of demand.

  • Business-related Management.

  • Portfolio service provider.

Brief: demand management is basically dependent on these two factors. That means PBA and UP are the two main activities of demand management.

5. Management whose components are pipeline services, active services, and retired services.

  • Management of Service Portfolio.

  • Management of Service Catalogue.

  • Management related to business.

  • The desk of demanding management.

Brief: service portfolio management (SPM) has all kind of services that are active, properly pipelined and retired also.

6. Mention the activities upon which financial management works?

  • Accounting, Budgeting, Chargeback and Demand Modeling.

  • Accounting, Buyback, and Clearance.

  • Accounting, Budgeting, and Chargeback.

  • None of these

Brief: financial works are mainly managed by accounting, budgeting and chargeback these are the whole activities upon which finance company works.

7. Among the below-mentioned options, choose who is responsible for interacting and communicating with customers?

  • managerial service level

  • Service Owner

  • Business Relationship Manager

  • Process acceptor

Brief: Business relationship manager is responsible for all kind of dealings with customers. The whole service desk of the company and its associates depends on how the business development manager treats the client.

8. Which of the following mentioned service is necessary for delivering core services?

  • Enhancing Service.

  • Enabling Service.

  • Both the above

  • Neither a nor b

Brief: Core service needs to be work for an enabling service as it is used for the delivery purpose.

9. For what purpose SDP is produced.

  • New service and Retiring Service only.

  • New Service and for a major change in service only.

  • New Service only.

  • New Service, Major Change in a service and Retiring Service

Brief: The major purpose for producing SDP is to generate new service, to bring a major change in any service and for retiring a service.

10. Which Catalogue Management has information about the business and its relationship with business units and processes?

  • Management of Service Catalogue.

  • Technical Catalogue Service.

  • Management of Service Portfolio.

  • Business Service Catalogue.

Brief: Business service catalog is the best service of management for information about the business and its relationship with other business units.

11. Which agreement has provision to do agreements between the internal departments of an organization along with helping the service provider to provide service?

  • Underpinning Contract.

  • Service Level Agreement.

  • An agreement based on Operational Level.

  • Service Level Requirement.

Brief: Operational level agreements provide internal departmental agreements of an organization to help in delivering any services.

12. Which of the following contents should be avoided while drafting an SLA?

  • Service Performance

  • Security Measures

  • Legal terms

  • Mutual Responsibilities

Brief: While drafting a Service Level Agreement it should be taken into consideration that legal terms must not be considered in any situation as it may contain some privacy policies of the company. For the legal terms and agreements. Companies have their own privacy polices along with their necessary terms and conditions.

13. Which of the following is identified by the RACI model in any process?

  • Responsibilities and roles

  • Process Knowledge

  • Domain Knowledge

  • all choice from above

Brief: RACI is very much responsible for identifying different responsibilities and different roles to each and every individual working with them.  It may be either customers or employers.

14. Which management manages the performance of the supplier?

  • Managing service level

  • Business relationship Management

  • Supplier Management

  • All of the above-mentioned options are correct

Brief:  Supplier management is one of the branches which deals with various performance-based management and manages it.

15. Which management comprises of different capacities like service capacity, business capacity, and component capacity?

  • Capacitive managing.

  • Availability of team to manage.

  • Continuity Service management.

  • Supplying management.

Brief: All the three management capacity like service capacity, business capacity, and components capacity are handled well by a capacity management team which are given so much important role to do for a company or a business.

16. The process of restoring normal conditions quickly and effectively is a measurement of which components.

  • Serviceability

  • Maintainability.

  • Availability.

  • All of the above-mentioned options are correct

Brief: Maintainability is the process that maintains the process of restoring normal conditions quickly and effectively.

  1. What business process is supported by an IT service and the elements of critical business?

  • Management of Business Relation.

  • Business Continuity Management.

  • Business Impact Analysis.

  • Vital Business Function

Brief: Critical business elements supported by the vital business function is controlled by it services without any failure. This is vital because if IT services get more facilities, chances of the expansion of the company will be very high.

18. Which of the following managing section is responsible for providing the correct information to the relevant person on proper time?

  • Availability Management.

  • Management of Information and Security.

  • Service Asset and Configuration Management.

  • All of the above-mentioned options are incorrect

Right choice: B

Brief: information security management is responsible for managing the access of right file to the correct person in proper time in order for proper main the service of the company keep on running smoothly. It has a high end responsibility of preventing any security breach as well as preventing the disclosure of any confidential information.

19. What is the main objective for creation of service design package with creation?

  • Design Coordination.

  • Knowledge Management.

  • Business Relationship Manager.

  • All of the above-mentioned options are incorrect

Brief: Design creation is the main objective behind the creation of service package design in any management company. In business, we all know that the initial sales depends on how attractive the products and services are designed.

20. Name the documented procedure that changes pre-authorized process? Choose from the correct options below

  • Service Transition

  • Standard Change.

  • Emergency Change.

  • Change Model.

Brief: standard change is a pure authorized pre-process which is documented to procedure any change in the organization.

21. Which management does not have any scope of change?

  • Modifications of a CI.

  • Deleting a CI.

  • Changes in Service Catalogue.

  • Strategic change of an organization.

Brief: strategic change is not possible in any management because working with different strategies every time can lead to the downfall of the company.

22. What is used as a reference point for the future builds, releases, and changes?

  • Baseline

  • Configuration Report

  • Configuration Management

  • All of the above-mentioned options are incorrect

Brief: Baseline is considered as the point of reference for the future updates, releases & modifications. It is used as a measure stick for for measuring the success or failure of any company or business.

23. Where all software CDs, code, and licenses are stored for a company or a service provider?

  • Database management configuration.

  • Service Asset Database.

  • Service Knowledge Management System.

  • Definitive Media Library.

Brief: Every good company has one definitive media library where they store their software CDs, codes, and licenses. This media library is a digital version of a physical library consisting of soft copies of all necessary information relevant to the company.

24. What should a release policy contain?

  • A Personal Identification Number.

  • Responsibilities and roles.

  • The frequency of the releases.

  • All of the above-mentioned options are correct

Brief: a strong release policy must contain an identification number all the responsibilities and frequency of releases at every instant of time.

25. Which department is responsible to deliver the right information to the right person at right times.

  • Knowledge Management

  • Policy Document

  • Business relationship Management

  • All of the above-mentioned options are incorrect

Brief: knowledge management is responsible for providing correct information and full filing all the facts regarding to Right to Information.

26. In which type of the event a manual or an automated interference is required.

  • Informational

  • Exceptional

  • Warning

  • Manual Events

Brief: the warning is a type of event in which interference is required as it may be manual or automatic.

27. Of the below-stated conditions, in which of them an error could be found to persists?

  • When an RCA has been identified

  • When the RCA is not identified but a workaround has been provided

  • When an Incident is resolved on the First Call

  • All of the above-mentioned options are incorrect

Brief: might a known error occur when there is a problem in identifying RCA that is RCA cannot be identified but the workaround is provided.

28. For higher impact on business, a major incident should have.

  • Separate procedure.

  • Shorter timescales.

  • High level of urgency.

  • All of the above-mentioned options are correct

Brief: for higher impact on business is important to have a separate procedure, short time scale, and a higher level of urgency. This will help in improving business quickly else it will take more time.

29. Which of the following process can raise problems in a management?

  • Incident Management

  • Suppliers and Developers

  • Proactive Problem Management

  • All of the above-mentioned options are correct

Brief: incident management, supplier management, and proactive problem management can raise problems in any management. It can be dangerous considering all three are important parts of any management unit of a business.

30. The specific types of requests on a service desk which support an incident are called:

  • Local Service Desk.

  • Supporting the Service Desk.

  • Specialized Service Desk.

  • Virtual Service Desk.

Brief: a specialized service desk is responsible for requesting and supporting any specific type of request by the customers. They are basically there to solve query related to their service of their customers.

31. The role of managing IT infra with technical knowledge about custodian and relating it to expert is also known as:

  • Service Operations.

  • Technical Management.

  • Both the above mentioned options are correct

  • Both the above mentioned options are incorrect

Brief: It has the role of managing technical knowledge about custodian and relating it to experts with IT infra. This is completely based on the technical aspect of the company.

32. For which of the following application management of application is responsible:

  • Built in-house.

  • Bought Outside.

  • Both the above-stated option A and option B

  • All of the above-mentioned options are incorrect

Brief: built-in-house and bought outside are the responsible application of the application management system.

33. Which of the following does not include operational control activities?

  • Console Management.

  • Job Scheduling.

  • Back Up and Restore.

  • Physical IT Environment

Brief: operational control activities include only console management, job scheduling, back-up and restore. It never includes physical IT environment.

34. Records of all initiatives related to improvement are recorded in:

  • CSI Register.

  • SKMS.

  • CMS.

  • All of the above-mentioned options are correct

Brief: CSI register keeps a record of all improvement initiatives.

35. Metrics are ________ of CSF and KPI. Fill in the blanks with the most correct and appropriate options mentioned below.

  • Process.

  • Technology.

  • Service.

  • All of the above-mentioned options are correct

Brief: CSF and KPI are a process of metrics.

36. Which type of investment will you consider best for developing brand value for a company?

  • Return on Investment.

  • The value on Investment.

  • All of the above-mentioned options are correct

  • All of the above-mentioned options are incorrect

Brief: investment for branding value is considered as a value on investment.

37. What is the process for plan-do-check-act is called as?

  • Deming Cycle.

  • KANO Model.

  • Pareto Analysis.

  • All of the above-mentioned options are incorrect

Brief: Deming cycle, more commonly called to be the PDSA cycle is the process for plan-do-check-act. It is 4 step repetitive cycle procedure that is solely deployed in improving the quality of the product or service.

38. Which is not valid solution of management problems?                  

  • Prevent problems and their results           

  • Managing problems thoroughly                       

  • Restore user service       

  • Recurring incidents to eliminate                      

Brief: Except the “restoring user service” all other solutions are an integral part of providing solutions of all kind of management problems

39. Which of the following option is used as a reference for comparing seven-step?

  • Baseline

  • Measurable Targets

  • SKMS integration with another process

  • All of the above-mentioned options are correct

Brief: baseline is used as a reference for comparing seven steps process with respect to past time.


40. Every step included in the lifecycle of the service contributes some essential properties as well as values to each the information technology services. It is essential that a manager for IT Services realize the chain related to service value as well as the associated components. He must also understand that assets provide value in return on investment. Choose from the below-mentioned options, which correctly defines “value chain?”

  • Complicated arguments of the relationship between any two particular groups or companies or organizations or even more than that in the process of developing a service or a product.

  • A necessary working relationship between two inter-linked working groups or organization having a symbiotic understanding to mutually benefit both of them.

  • A series of activities and steps in the process of developing either a product or any kind of service that the customer finds valuable

  • All of the above-mentioned options are correct

Brief: Value chain is the necessary series of events that occur in the process of developing a service or a product that fulfill the needs of the customer, provides necessary solution to their problems, in turn, the clients find them helpful.


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