SAP FICO Training with Placement

Apex Tech Systems in Edison,NJ provides OnlineSAP FICO training course materials for SAP finance and controlling certification to learn accounts receivable, payable, consolidation and asset accounting.
Introduction of SAPTypes of SAP ProjectASAP Roadmap Methodology or Project PhasesProject PreparationBusiness BlueprintRealizationFinal PreparationGo-live and supportTypes of document prepared by function consultant
Define CompanyDefine Company CodeDefine Business Area Assign Company Code to CompanyMaintain Controlling Area Assignment of Company Code to Controlling Area Maintain Fiscal Year Variant Assign Fiscal Year Variant to Company Code Define Posting Period Variant Assign Posting Period Variant to Company Code Maintain Open and Close Posting Periods Define Field Status Variant Define Tolerance Groups for employees Define Tolerance Groups for G/LAssign Field Status Variant to Company Code Document Types Posting KeysDefine Number Ranges for Document Types
Define chart of AccountAssign Company Code to Chart of Account Define Accounts Groups Define Retain Earning Accounts Create G/L Master DataChange G/L Master DataBlock/Unblock G/L Master Delete G/L MasterTransaction Posting to G/L AccountNormal PostingReversal Posting (Individual)Hold DocumentPark DocumentView G/L ReportCash JournalSetup Cash Journal AccountDocument Type for Cash JournalNumber Range for Cash JournalSetup Cash Journal TransactionCash journal Posting and Reports
Define Vendor Account groupsCreate number ranges for vendor account groups Assign number ranges to vendor account groups Define Tolerance groups for vendors Create Vendor Master DataModify Vendor Master DataBlock/Unblock Vendor Master DataPost vendor invoice Post credit memo Vendor Accounts Balances (Open Item Report)Vendor Outgoing Payment with ClearingTerms of PaymentTerms of Payment (Normal)Terms of Payment (With discount)Terms of Payment (Fixed)Terms of Payment (Installment)Vendor Down PaymentCreate down payment Reconciliation account Link Down payment Recon. Act with Vendor Recon. Act Post Vendor Down payment Post Vendor Invoice View Vendor Report Clear Down Payment Make Vendor Payment View Vendor Report Automatic Payment ProgramStep1: All Company code Step 2: Paying company codes Step 3: 'Payment methods in country Step 4: Payment Methods in Company Code Step 5: House Bank Step 6: 'Bank Determination Step 7: Update Vendor Master House Bank and Bank Account set upWithholding tax ConfigurationCheck Withholding countries Define Withholding Tax Keys Define Reasons for Exemption Define Withholding Tax Type for Invoice Posting Define Withholding Tax Codes Activate Extended Withholding Tax Creation of G/L account for TDS posting Define Accounts for Withholding Tax to be Paid Over Activation of CIN in Vendor Master Maintain Company Code Settings Assign Withholding Tax to Vendor Master TDS Posting with Exemption Scenario Update exemption details to vendor master
Define Customer Account groupsCreate Number Ranges for Customer Account Groups Assign Number Ranges to Customer Account Groups Tolerance groups for customerDefine Customer Accounts Post customer Invoice Post Customer Credit MemoCustomer Accounts Balances (Open Item Report) Customer Outgoing Payment with ClearingDisplay posted documentCustomer Down Payment (Prerecorded Session) Create down payment Reconciliation account Link Down pyt Recon. Act with Cust. Recon. Account Post Customer down payment Post Customer Invoice View Customer Report Clear Down Payment Make Customer Payment View Customer Report Dunning ConfigurationDefine Dunning Procedure Run Dunning Program Tax on Sales/PurchaseDefine Condition Type Create G/L Accounts Create/Copy Transaction Key Assign G/L Accounts Create Tax Procedure Assign Tax Procedure to country Creation of Tax codes Edit sales revenue G/L Post a customer invoice
Copy reference chart of depreciationAssignment of chart of depreciation to company codeCreation of 0% tax codes for sales and purchasedAssignment of 0% tax code to company codeSpecify account determinationCreation of screen layout rulesDefine number range intervalsCreation of asset classCreation of G/L accountsAssignment/Integration of G/L account for automatic postingSpecify document type for depreciation postingSpecify interval and posting ruleDetermination of depreciation area in the asset classSpecify rounding of net book valueDefine screen layout for asset master dataSpecify the screen layout for asset depreciation areaDefine depreciation calculation methodsMaintain depreciation keyCreation of asset master recordsEdit asset master recordsAsset purchaseAsset explorerDepreciation runAcquisition of fixed assets Sale of fixed assetsSale of asset with customer Sale of asset without customerTransfer of assetsIntercompany transferIntracompany transferAsset scraping Depreciation run
Foreign Currency SettingsSensitive fields for dual controlValidation RuleSubstitution RuleLegacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW)Financial Statement VersionBank Reconciliation (EBS)New G/LDocument SplittingIntegration of financial accounting with materials managementDefinition of organizational units in materials management i.e. plant, storage location and purchase organizationAssignment of organizational units to each otherDefinition of tolerance groups for purchase ordersDefinition of tolerance groups for goods receiptDefinition of tolerance groups for invoice verificationDefinition of vendor specific tolerancesCreation, display and change of material master recordsCreation of plant parametersMaintenance of posting periods for materials managementMaintenance of parameters for invoice verificationMaintenance of plant parameters for inventory management and physical inventoryDefinition of attributes for material typesAssignment of GL accounts for material transactions in financial accounting (Integration of MM with FI)Creation of purchase order, posting of goods receipt, invoice verification and Goods issue for productionIntegration of financial accounting with sales and distributionDefinition of sales organizationDefinition of distribution channelsDefinition of divisionsAssignment among various organizational units in SDDefinition of partner functionsDefinitions of shipping point and loading pointsDefinition of pricing proceduresDetermining the shipping pointsDetermining the pricing proceduresMaintenance of SD condition typesMaintenance of condition recordsAssignment of GL accounts for sales transactionsCreation of sales orderInitialization of stockPosting the delivery of goodsCreating the sales invoice
Creation of Primary cost elementEdit Primary cost elementMass creation of Primary cost elementGeneration of Batch input session Run batch input session Creation of secondary cost element Edit secondary cost element Display secondary cost element
Activate cost center accountingCost center standard hierarchy Creation of Cost center Categories Maintain No. range for co documentCreation of cost centerEdit cost centerDisplay cost center Deletion cost centerCost center Report
Activate Profit CenterMaintain controlling area settingsDefine Dummy profit centerSet control parameters for actual dataMaintain plan versionsCreate Profit CenterEdit Profit Center Display Profit Center
Define settlement profilesDefine order typeDefine and assign number rangeCreate internal orderEdit internal orderDisplay internal order
Real time scenario based trainingPractice material (Updated Configuration Document)100% placement support
SAP certified consultant9 Years of career experience in SAP FICO ModuleHaving exposure of total 8 projects which includes implementations, supports and rollout project.Worked on both domestic and MNC projects, hence having well exposure of both scenarios.Several years of quality training experienceFor more details kindly call @ +91 xxxxxxxxxxxxxYou can also visit our website


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