Great News For Green Card Applicants – DHS Proposal To Ease International Travel Restrictions


Green card applicants typically go through tremendous stress during the Adjustment of Status (AOS) process.  The AOS process prevented them from traveling overseas without securing an Advance Parole approval.  As the Advance Parole process was time consuming (from months to years) many applicants were unable to travel to meet family.  It was hard for many as they were unable to meet sick relatives or attend important functions like weddings, funerals etc..  This restriction was plain and simple INHUMANE. If an applicant traveled internationally without an Advance Parole the entire application become void thus requiring the applicant to start all over again … from scratch.   

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) proposal to do away with the Advance Parole requirement will now enable green card applicants to travel internationally without having to lose their application status. 

Also, recognizing the long delays in securing an Advance Parole, the DHS also proposed reinstating the 90-day processing guideline for Advance Parole and Employment Authorization Documents (EADs). This change will significantly expedite the processing times. Applicants will experience less stress due to speedy processing.  

The current administration should be applauded for taking a kinder approach to these hard-working residents helping boost the American economy.  


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