The tectonic shift in beauty has birthed trends, ensued purpose-led transformation and sparked technology-led innovation in the past years. And 2022 was no exception. While steadily reeling from the unprecedented catastrophe that struck us not many moons ago, the burgeoning facet of personalised, indulgent skincare continued to attract many. Undertaking this daily practice was not only for the attainment of clear, beautiful skin but also as an act of self-love and placation.Moreover, the awakening of conscious consumers provided a segue for makeup formulations to boast more naturally-derived ingredients that bode well for the skin. This crossover between skincare and makeup has seen a fourth-year shift in the ongoing year and is only expected to expand further.The year also saw the resurgence of many beauty trends — Y2K and ‘80s made a colossal comeback in the creators’ community, with every recreation video raking in millions of views.From celebrities breaking new ground in clean, sustainable beauty with upcoming brands to pop culture phenomena such as Euphoria and Wednesday inspiring inventive and eclectic looks on our mood boards, we sure witnessed holistic growth in the industry.As we tread the threshold of a new year, we assess some of these aforementioned trends that will stand the test of time and predict some inventive never-seen-before concepts that are sure to break the internet. Ahead, we bring you a beauty forecast for the year 2023 — a list that has been curated with careful consideration by the pros at the Nykaa office to help you get ahead of the game.


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