Saving Water Indoors


Do you have a leaky faucet? It is sometimes impossible to avoid, but when it happens, the sooner you fix it, the better. A small leak can add up to gallons of water lost every day! In fact, household leaks can waste nearly 1 trillion gallons of water annually nationwide. Checking your plumbing systems frequently can help you identify leaks faster, and fixing them early not only saves water but also saves you money! Over half of all water use inside of the home takes place in the bathroom, and water is also widely used in the kitchen. Some ways you can cut down on your water use in the bathroom and kitchen are: Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth Shower instead of taking a bath, and try to reduce your shower time by one minute each week Install water-saving showerheads or flow restrictors Double-check that the faucet is completely off before leaving the room Turn the water off while washing dishes– And let them soak if needed Use a dishwasher, but make sure that it is fully loaded (The same goes for your washing machine!) Rinse your vegetables by using a bowl or sink full of clean water, rather than letting the tap water run Monitor your water usage on your water bill and adjust your use accordingly


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