US To Issue 1 Million Visas In 2023 To Indian Citizens


US government has announced that over 1 million visas will be issued in 2023 to Indian citizens. In particular, student and employment based visas will be prioritzed. During the last couple of years delays in issuing visa had caused a huge inconvenice to thousands of students and job visa holders (H-1B and L visaholders) Intense pressure from the NRI community in USA, technology companies, business groups and Indian government has helped as the US government made it a priority by hiring more personnel in India offices. It appears that all student visa applications will be processed this year. India is now number two in the world in terms of international students coming to the United States. China is number one. The US government offical stated “We’ve also been prioritizing work visas: H-1B’s and L visas. Wait times at some of our consular sections in India, for these visas are now below 60 days. We will continue to make sure that we prioritise visas for workers, as this is vital for both the American and the Indian economy,”. Over a million people travel between India and USA. There are over 3.2 million Indian origin residents in USA while 100,000 US citizens live in India. Air traffic between the two countries is like to grow significantly in the coming years. This summer, thousands parents are expected to arrive as more visitor visas are being issued. Business travelers are also expected to visit USA. This will likely boost the American economy.


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