Apple Will Rival ChatGPT With New-Look Siri Coming To iOS 18 This Year: What We Know

  oliver oliver   1735   25 Jan, 2024 


Apple is expected to enter the AI arena in a smashing way this year and analysts expect the first big unveil could be done at the WWDC 2024 keynote which could happen around June. The company has usually kept its big developments out of the limelight and with AI that approach is more than understandable. Apple is reportedly working on its advanced large language model (LLM) that is likely to be called AppleGPT, giving it the perfect chance to rival ChatGPT and other LLMs in the market. But the company generally doesn’t enter a race without being fully prepared and more. With AppleGPT, it is expected that the company will showcase its on-device capabilities for iPhones and even iPads from day one. And if that wasn’t enough to get people excited, reports say Apple will have the AI tools integrated with the audio and video platforms for its devices, rather than people needing to use other third-party AI tools. It will be interesting to see if the reports about the Siri 2.0 in Apple’s AI plans come to fruition. Because it feels like Apple’s AI assistant might have a better chance to succeed than its previous iterations, especially if all the heavy work is done on the device itself. That could be a core part of the iOS 18 version that will be rolling for iPhone users later this year. We have heard companies talk about on-device AI processing, and Samsung even showed its purpose during the Galaxy S24 series launch event. But Apple is aware that any late move in the AI space will need additional impetus, not only for the consumers but developers as well. Apple has talked about privacy in high regards for years and having AI process data on the device will be another feat in its cap and giving people more confidence of using these AI tools which has shown some concerns.


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