Apple's Lead iPhone Designer Is Leaving Soon; May Trigger Internal 'Shake-Up': Report

  jennifer caffelle   4411   11 Dec, 2023 


Apple seems to be losing its key people. Last week, it was Steve Hotelling, a key figure in making biometrics for the iPhone maker, and now, Bloomberg reports another key executive, Tang Tan, head of iPhone and Apple Watch design, is leaving in February next year. Bloomberg notes this has led to an internal “shakeup to the company’s most critical product lines.” Currently, Tan reports to John Ternus, senior vice president at Apple for hardware engineering. Immediate replacement details are unclear, but Tan’s responsibilities at Apple will be handled by distributing them across different people. “Several deputies to Ternus and Tan are getting expanded roles as part of the changes. That includes Richard Dinh, Tan’s top lieutenant and head of iPhone product design,” the report adds. It’s been said that Tan’s contributions to the iPhone, Apple Watch accessories, and the company as a whole, have been huge and that this is a “blow” to the Cupertino technology giant. Notably, this follows the coming departure of another key Apple figure, Steve Hotelling, known for his role in Touch ID biometrics in iPhones over the last decade. He is reportedly behind hundreds of Apple patents and has been a key mind behind the Apple iPhone, iPad, and the Apple Watch. His role at Apple revolves around engineering components such as displays, health sensors, and biometrics like Face ID. He currently serves as a vice president in the company. In light of these high-profile exits, it will be interesting to see how Apple plans to proceed with its strategy of increasing self-reliance through the introduction of in-house components, such as phone modems and camera sensors.


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