Back OnePlus is giving lifetime screen warranty for its smartphones: Here’s why

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OnePlus has introduced a lifetime warranty to address the "green-screen" problem experienced by users. The company has stated that this warranty covers all models, except for older devices like the OnePlus 8 Pro, OnePlus 8T, OnePlus 9, and OnePlus 9R, due to the unavailability of "spare parts" for repair. However, OnePlus is offering a generous solution by presenting affected users with a discount voucher of up to ?30,000 to facilitate an upgrade to a new OnePlus device, specifically the OnePlus 10R. This effectively allows users to acquire a new OnePlus 10R by paying a nominal amount ranging from ?5,000 to ?10,000. OnePlus is implementing this lifetime warranty for its Indian users in response to reports from the past few weeks, wherein some OnePlus users in India and around the world have raised concerns about a peculiar green screen issue. While the affected phones remain operational, the persistent green line adversely affects the overall scrolling experience. This problem appears to be more prevalent among OnePlus phones equipped with AMOLED displays. As reported by Android Authority, this lifetime warranty offer is exclusively extended to users in India. A spokesperson's statement highlighted the company's commitment to addressing the inconvenience caused by the issue. Affected users are encouraged to visit a nearby OnePlus service center for device assessment and will receive free screen replacement for devices impacted by the situation. It's important to note that the notice does not provide information regarding any specific conditions that must be met by the smartphone to qualify for the discount voucher. Furthermore, OnePlus is providing a voucher option for select OnePlus 8 and 9 Series devices, offering users a significant portion of the device's value to facilitate an upgrade to a new OnePlus model. In light of the ongoing circumstances, OnePlus is now introducing a lifetime screen warranty for all affected devices. A Telegram user also shared a notice from a OnePlus service center that provides additional details about the "discount voucher" offer for Indian users with OnePlus 8 Pro, OnePlus 8T, OnePlus 9, and OnePlus 9R devices affected by the screen issue. The notice specifies that OnePlus 8 Pro users will receive a voucher worth ?25,500, while the OnePlus 8T is eligible for a voucher valued at ?20,000. OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9T users will receive vouchers of ?23,500 and ?19,000, respectively. Additionally, users upgrading to the OnePlus 10R will receive an additional ?4,500 offer. The OnePlus 10R is priced in India between ?34,999 and ?39,999.


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