'BBC presenter 'paid' thousands for teen's nudes, who later used the money for drugs, became an addict'

  jennifer caffelle   5813   10 Jul, 2023 


The mother, who asserts that a BBC star paid her child for sexual images, shared her astonishment at seeing a photo of the presenter in his shorts. She was 'shocked' after witnessing him ‘waiting’ to watch her child perform for him during a video call An unnamed news presenter working with the BBC has allegedly been accused of paying a substantial sum of money to obtain nude photographs from a teenager. Shockingly, the teenager used the money received to purchase drugs, leading to an addiction to cocaine. As per reports, the mother of the alleged victim revealed that the presenter was in contact with her kid ever since the teenager was 17-years-old. She alleged that she saw the presenter on her child’s phone, preparing for a video call while being stripped down to his underpants. The revelations of the presenter’s alleged payment of over £35,000 to the teenager have dominated BBC news coverage, as the corporation has yet to address the crisis. The mother, who asserts that a BBC star paid her child for sexual images, shared her astonishment at seeing a photo of the presenter in his boxer shorts. She expressed her shock at recognizing him and witnessing him ‘waiting’ to watch her child perform for him during a video call. The presenter is currently off air but has not been suspended pending the investigation. While the BBC’s website states that staff accused of serious breaches of discipline can be immediately suspended, it is believed that the presenter is still receiving his full six-figure salary. The allegations, first reported by the Sun have sent shockwaves through the BBC, prompting denials from personalities like Gary Lineker, as well as raising questions about the corporation’s handling of the crisis. The mother revealed that her family had lodged a complaint in May, but their frustration grew when the presenter remained on air a month later. In June, her child informed her that they had received a £1,000 payment, supposedly transferred via PayPal. According to the mother, it became evident that the BBC had not contacted the presenter between their complaint in May and June, as they seemingly considered him too important. Their intention was not to initiate an investigation, but rather to have the BBC instruct him to cease his actions. However, the initial contact they received from the security department provided ‘wrong’ number. The abuse The mother also recounted a distressing incident where she overheard the presenter on the phone reprimanding her child, saying, “I told you not to f***ing ring me.” This revelation shocked her, as she had observed the presenter’s behavior on television and believed he was different from the person she encountered during their phone conversation. The mother revealed that her teenager, now 20 years old, had used the alleged funds provided by the presenter to fuel a debilitating drug addiction, transforming them from a happy-go-lucky individual into a ghost-like crack addict within three years. The family eventually turned to The Sun, explicitly stating that they sought no financial compensation. Their primary objective was for the BBC to intervene and put an end to the presenter’s behavior. The mother expressed her agony over the past three years, describing the terrifying impact this ordeal has had on her child. She firmly believed that the presenter was the source of the drugs and maintained that exposing the situation publicly was the only way to stop the ongoing harm. The BBC has reportedly acknowledged the seriousness of the allegations and initiated an investigation led by the head of their corporate investigations team. The family recently spoke to investigations chief Jeff Brown, a former policeman, for half an hour, and they intend to provide a dossier of evidence. Once again, the BBC finds itself embroiled in a scandal involving one of its stars. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of establishing robust processes within television companies to prevent the abuse of power by influential figures.


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    Good to hear our licence money is being put to good use.

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