Canada Open Work Permit for H1B visa holders will be advantageous for Indians. Here's why?

  james john   6474   25 Jul, 2023 


Canada's new open work permit stream for H-1B visa holders presents opportunities for Indians worried about their future in the US due to green card and visa complications. The program allows H-1B visa holders and their families to work or study in Canada for three years As thousands of Indians are worried about their future in American owing to the long Green Card queue and legal complications linked to the H1B visa, immigration experts opines that the Canada Open Work Permit unfolds numerous opportunities for them. Following Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, Sean Fraser's announcement, a new stream, under the new tech talent strategy, was unveiled on July 16 that offered open work permits to 10,000 H-1B visa holders from the US for three years, along with permits for their family members to study or work in Canada. It is to important to note that the largest number of H-1B visa holders are Indians, this new scheme is likely to open many opportunities for them. Why this a big opportunity for Indians? Ajay Sharma, president of consultancy firm Abhinav Immigration Services told Economic Times, US companies who are trying to set up shop in Canada are finding it difficult to spot the right talent so they are recruiting H-1B visa holder to fill those vacancies through open work permit stream, and many of these professionals are Indians. “H-1B visas are limited in numbers and there’s huge uncertainty over getting green cards; so these companies are likely to be looking at the option of transferring staff members who are in the US through the open work permit scheme," he says. Many Indians are considering the long-term opportunity presented by Canada's Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) through the Express Entry program. This pathway allows them to apply for permanent residence in Canada, with the added advantage of eventually qualifying for Canadian citizenship after living in Canada for three out of five years, the expert adds. Plus, obtaining a Canadian passport also opens up the option to work in the US on TN visas, which are easier to obtain compared to the long delays faced by Indian nationals in green card queues.


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