Elon Musk rebrands Twitter to X in brand overhaul

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Elon Musk has announced Twitter's new logo, an X, replacing the distinctive bird logo. Twitter’s logo has changed to “X” from its iconic Blue bird symbol, marking the latest big change since the billionaire bought the social media platform for $44 billion last year. On Sunday, Musk posted a short video of a flickering “X,” and later in a Twitter Spaces audio chat, he replied “Yes” when he was asked whether the logo will change. “Yeah we’re cutting the Twitter logo off the building with blow torches,” he told an unknown speaker Twitter has been pushing more users to get premium blue subscriptions recently by locking the most used features behind the paywall. With this branding overhaul, the company could further tweak the platform to promote more users to get onto the subscription bandwagon. Musk’s Twitter faces tough competition from Meta’s Thread, which has amassed millions of users on a Twitter-like platform For now, the URL x.com redirects to twitter.com, and in the coming days, the change in the branding of the world’s biggest micro-blogging platform will be officially confirmed. Elon Musk is also considering turning the default platform colour to black, which is currently set to white. This is not the first time Musk is playing around with the Twitter branding. Back in April 2023, Twitter’s blue bird logo was replaced by the logo of Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency. However, it was replaced by the original logo in just a matter of days.


  • oliver oliver

    The logo was the only thing stopping me from making a Twitter account..

    Reply | 24 Jul, 2023

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