Modi Attacks Sam Pitroda On Balakot Comment

  Preeti Sigh   4150   22 Mar, 2019 


Congress leader Sam Pitroda on Friday triggered a huge political controversy with his remark that every citizen of a country cannot be blamed for the terrorist attack carried out by a few. He also commented on the Balakot air strike. "Eight people (26/11 terrorists) come and do something, you don't jump on the entire nation(Pakistan). Naive to assume that just because some people came here and attacked, every citizen of that nation is to be blamed. I don't believe in that way," he commented on the Pulwama terror attack. Prime Minister Narendra Modi took exception to the comment. BJP president Amit Shah, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and Piyush Goyal also slammed the opposition for the comment.


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