Nara Lokesh Mentions Chandrababu Naidu As Husband

  Preeti Sigh   4482   24 Mar, 2019 


Andhra Pradesh IT Minister Nara Lokesh has declared total assets of Rs. 373 crore in his election affidavit. Mr Lokesh's assets include all those owned by him, his wife N Brahmani and son N Devaansh in the election affidavit he submitted, along with his nomination for Mangalagiri Assembly constituency in Amaravati. However, there was an interesting goof-up in his election affidavit as he mentioned his father's name in the column meant for husband's name. A similar goof up was done by N Chandrababu Naidu himself who mentioned the name of his father N Kharjura Naidu in the column meant for mentioning the name of husband in his election affidavit. As per the affidavit, Mr Lokesh owns movable assets worth Rs. 253.6 crore. His wife N Brahmani has movable assets worth Rs. 14.4 crore which include 2.5kg gold, 310 carats precious, semi-precious stones, pearls and 97.4kg of silver and son N Devaansh has movable assets worth Rs. 3.8 crore including 97.4kg silver. Furthermore, Mr Lokesh owns immovable assets worth Rs. 66.7 crore, while Brahmani has immovable assets worth Rs. 18.7 crore and Devaansh has immovable assets worth Rs. 16.1 crore. The couple also declared liabilities of Rs. 5.72 crore and Rs. 3.41 crore in the affidavit. Mr Lokesh has also stated that there are no criminal cases registered or pending against him at any police station or court.


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