WATCH: Vikram Lander catches the Pragyan Rover executing a crucial move to continue on its mission

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The Vikram Lander shot a video of the Pragyan Rover executing a vital manoeuvre so that it could move out of harm's way and continue on its mission. Chandrayaan-3's Pragyan Rover has already made a number of important discoveries on the Moon ISRO just put out a post on X, that showed the Pragyan Rover making a very crucial move to ensure that it is able to continue on its mission to study the lunar north pole. The short video of the Pragyan Rover, shows it rotating at a spot, while it was searching for a safer route. The rotation was captured by a Lander Imager Camera. ISRO put out a post, comparing the rover with a child, frolicking around on the Moon. Why the Pragyan Rover had to be rotated The lunar surface where ISRO’s Pragyan Rover is operating is treacherous to say the least and is filled with craters. Some of the bigger ones that the rover has come across is about 4 metres wide in diametre. A few days back ISRO team had commanded Pragyan Rover to reroute to ensure its safety after it detected the 4 metre big crater. Given the compact size of the rover and its smaller wheels, if Pragyan were to fall into a crater it would be extremely difficult for it to then come out of it. Moreover, Pragyan has a lot of ground to cover. Letting it fall inside a crater would defeat the purpose of the mission. What has the Pragyan Rover found on the Moon Although it has been only a few days since the Pragyan Rover has been hard at work on the Moon, it has already given ISRO and India a trove of valuable data. For example, it has discovered and confirmed the presence of Sulphur in the lunar soil. ISRO on Thursday also said that a different payload onboard the Pragyan Rover has discovered the presence of Sulphur on Moon, using a completely different method. In a post on X, ISRO said the Alpha Particle X-ray Spectroscope (APXS) has detected sulphur, as well as other minor elements. “This finding by Ch-3 compels scientists to develop fresh explanations for the source of Sulphur (S) in the area: intrinsic?, volcanic?, meteoritic?,……?.” the post read. This gives a double confirmation of the presence of sulphur. Besides that, the Pragyan Rover has also found traces of aluminium, oxygen, magnesium, titanium, chromium, iron and several other minerals on the lunar surface. All of these discoveries will not only lead to a better understanding of the lunar soil, it will also prove to be vital information that will help humanity in colonising the moon or setting up a forward base there, when the time is right


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