Zomato Executive Rides Horse to Deliver Food in Hyderabad, Goes Viral Amid Petrol Pump Crisis

  oliver oliver   3112   03 Jan, 2024 


In the midst of the chaos sparked by truck drivers’ protests against the new hit-and-run law, everyone is secretly yearning for an electric vehicle or, at the very least, a trusty bicycle. The nationwide panic, particularly at petrol pumps, ensued from a scarcity of fuel, thanks to the absence of trucks and oil tankers to replenish them. This crisis led people to swarm their nearby stations, desperate to fill up their vehicle tanks before the situation took a dramatic turn. However, defying all odds, a Zomato executive in Hyderabad took the streets by storm, not on a motorbike, but on a horse, to deliver orders amidst the petrol pump chaos. The unexpected sight left onlookers in sheer amazement, and a video capturing this extraordinary moment has now become an online sensation. In the viral clip, the man, donned in the red Zomato t-shirt and equipped with the delivery bag, gracefully waved to the public as he arrived on horseback. This unconventional move allegedly came after long queues and the closure of petrol pumps due to the truckers’ protest, as revealed by the ‘X’ user, @ArbaazTheGreat1, who shared the clip online. His caption reads, “#Hyderabadi Bolde Kuch bhi Kardete Due To Closure of #PetrolPumps in Hyderabad, A Zomato Delivery boy came out to deliver food on horse at #Chanchalgudaa near to imperial hotel.


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