7 tips for shinier Hair

1. It’s Okay to Skip a Wash Of course we know the importance of staying clean, but washing your hair daily can strip your hair of its natural oils, which add that touch of shine. Shampoo your locks no more than three to four times a week to prevent your hair from drying out and losing that natural sheen. 2. Take a Dunk in Cool Water A steamy hot shower opens up the cuticles in your hair, so it’s important to rinse your mane with cool water even if it’s just for a minute or two before you towel off. This helps lock in all the moisture and glossiness. It is also less harsh on your scalp than hot water. 3. Get Deep-Conditioning Boost the glossiness of your locks with a hair mask or a deep-conditioning treatment every few weeks. Leave-in conditioners are also miracle workers for restoring that lustrous sheen, taming frizz and leaving your mane silky smooth. 4. Trade In Your Brush for Natural Bristles A boar-bristle brush is what you should be using whenever you’re attacking your tresses to get rid of those knots. It is the best thing to evenly distribute your natural oils across all your strands and from root to tip for that lust-worthy touch of glitz. 5. Don’t Forget to Protect from the Heat We cannot stress enough the importance of using heat-protecting products before plugging in your hair dryer or iron. Heat is a major moisture sapper, which just leads to unhealthy hair. Running a serum or a mousse through your strands with your fingers is an absolute must before you begin heat styling. If you’re using a straightening/curling iron, make sure your locks are a 100% dry before you begin so you don’t burn and frazzle your tresses. 6. Make Use of the Cool Air Setting on Your Dryer You blatantly ignore it but the cool air setting on your blow dryer is there for a reason. Just like in the shower, adding a shot of cool air once you’ve finished styling will close your cuticles and lock in the style for an extra glint of shine. 7. Spray On Some Shine The simplest way to bring a bit of sparkle to your strands is by simply spraying it on. There are plenty of shine sprays available to spritz on once you’ve styled your locks for a silky coating of gloss.


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