Threads finally gains edit button, also announces voice notes feature

You can't view edit history though, and that's a bit concerning.

After several reports that Threads will soon be gaining a new edit button, the Twitter rival is now finally starting to roll it out. With the addition of this feature, users will be able to edit posts as many times as they want within a five-minute window.

On X, formerly Twitter, the edit button was perhaps one of the most sought-after features for the longest time and was added last year. However, unlike the edit option on Threads, the one on X allows users to see previous revisions – or history of the tweet.

This raises some potential issues about how the edit feature could be misused. For example, a user could post something that attracts a lot of attention and then change it to something completely different later. Without any way to see what was originally posted, this could be a way to manipulate or deceive other users.

Regardless, to use the edit button on Threads, all you need to do is tap on the three-dot button on the top right of a post and hit the edit button.

In addition to the edit feature, Threads is also launching a new way to post: Voice Threads. This feature will allow users to record and share voice messages on the platform, either as new posts or as replies. Users who prefer to use voice instead of text will find this feature convenient and accessible.

To use Voice Threads, users just need to tap the microphone icon and start recording. A caption of the audio clip will be automatically generated, which users can then edit if needed.


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