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H2kinfosys endeavors to give back to the testing community whatever information we gather from our years of field experience. We are developing a more structured curriculum for our QA testing course to continue with the same mindset. It will teach you all you need to know to become an excellent Software Tester. Our online QA training course is designed by working professionals to progress from the basics of software testing to advanced topics such as software configuration management, creating a test plan, test estimations, automation testing, and tools like QTP and QC. A tester's skill, in our opinion, should extend beyond technical understanding. Our software testing course intends to teach you how to be a full-fledged IT expert, not just a tester. We will teach you the most practical aspects of software testing in this course. You can contact our team by email or the website to join today. Contact No:770-777-1269 Visit:https://www.h2kinfosys.com/courses/qa-online-training-course-details/ Mail:training@h2kinfosys.com Youtube:https://youtu.be/zgr1jJd_IIA


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